Prelims Addon 20200826

  • ASEEM portal & app has been launched by the Skill development ministry to bridge the gap between Employees & Employers as well as to map the skills possess by the youths of the country & skill required by the industry.
  • Amendment to CSR – In fresh amendments to the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rules, 2014, the government has allowed certain companies to spend their corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds on research and development (R&D) for finding vaccines, medicines and medical equipment to combat Covid-19 pandemic.
    • These are companies engaged in R&D activity of new vaccine, drugs and medical devices in their normal course of business
  • Viraat Aircraft Carrier has been decommissioned from the service after serving the navy for 30 years.
    • It served British Navy for 25 years (1959-1984) as HMS Hermes then commissioned into Indian Navy in 1987 & decommissioned in 2017 after serving 30 years.
    • Vikarant is the first Aircraft carrier of India.  
  • Arunachal Pradesh (AP) seek 6th Schedule status to protect rights of indigenous tribal population
    • Currently there is 4 states under 6th Schedule i.e. Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura & Mizoram [AMMT], CAA (Citizen Amendment Act) is not applicable in 6th Schedule area & Areas under ILP (Inner Line Permit)
    • AP comprises of 65% tribal population
    • Article 317(H) provides special status to AP
    • ILP
      • The concept of the Inner Line Permit comes from the colonial area. Under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act, 1873, the British framed regulations restricting the entry and regulating the stay of outsiders in designated areas
      • The ILP system is in force in four Northeastern states β€” Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram and now Manipur (Extended in Dec 2019) β€” and no Indian citizen can visit any of these states without permit unless he or she belongs to that state, nor can he or she overstay beyond the period specified in the ILP.
    • 6th Schedule
      • This special provision is provided under Article 244(2) and Article 275(1) of the Constitution.
      • Passed by Constituent Assembly in 1949 to provide limited autonomy to the tribal region of North East.
      • It was based on the reports of Bardoloi Committee formed by the Constituent Assembly.
      • It gives freedom to tribes to exercise legislative and executive powers through an autonomous regional council and autonomous district councils (ADCs)
      • The ADCs are the districts within the state to which the central government has given varying degree of autonomy within the State Legislature.
      • District Council
        • Comprises of 30 members, 4 are nominated by Governor while 26 are elected by adult franchise
          • Elected members holds office for 5 years or till the dissolution of council whichever is earlier & nominated members holds office during pleasure of governor. 
  • Bondas community in Odisha contracted the Covid virus
    • They are part of PVTG (Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group)
    • Odisha is home to 62 tribal communities out of which 13 are PVTG.

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