India may press for financial monitoring, terror state designation for Pakistan

The News

An Indian official briefed on developments following the Pulwama terrorist attack in India, in which it indicated that India may pressurize the international community for financial monitoring of Pakistan and designating it a state sponsoring terrorism.


• In February 2019, the Pulwama terrorist attack took place in India in which around 40 CRPF Jawans were killed.
Indian retaliated with Operation Balakot by striking on terror camps of Jaish-e-mohammad, the organization which claimed responsibility of Pulwama attack.
Following which the tension between the two nuclear power countries escalated.
The tension between India and Pakistan was mentioned as a return of nuclear flashpoint between India and Pakistan in the newspapers of US.
The Indian briefing was done to inform about the developments after Pulwama attack and clarifying its stand in the context of nuclear flashpoint.

Highlights of the Indian Briefings

The official in its briefing described Pakistan as “a hub of global terrorism for 20 years” hosting 132 terrorists and 22 organisations proscribed by United Nations.
He indicated that if Pakistan does not offers credible, verifiable, and immediate action against terrorist groups, then India will pressurize the US and international institutions for taking action against Pakistan.
Steps against Pakistan
o India is preparing to pressurize the US and international financial institutions for punitive steps against Pakistan.
o India is preparing grounds for opposing an IMF loan package that Pakistan has sought to improve its financial situation.
o It is because a huge amount of Pakistan’s finance goes to its military including for the expansion of itsnuclear arsenal.
o India may also press the US State Department to designate Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism.
Stand on Nuclear flashpoint
o India conveyed that Pakistan is responsible for the current tension and India will not be threatened by Pakistan’s warning of nuclear use.
o It re-affirmed that India will react, if there are terrorist attacks
On Kashmir Issue
o India maintains that the tension stems from Pakistan’s continuous use of terrorism to invoke the political unrest in Kashmir.
o It indicates that Kashmir issue can be settled internallywithout interference and injection of terrorism from Pakistan.
Gratitude for backing India
o India also expressed satisfaction that the US and the international had backed India’s stance in the current faceoff.


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