UNSC blacklists Osama’s son

The News

  • The UN Security Council has designated Hamza bin Laden (the son of slain al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden) a global terrorist under 1267 regime.


Background/About Hamza bin Laden

  • Hamza bin Laden is the son of slain al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden, who was mastermind of 9/11 attack and he was born in Saudi Arabia.
  • In 2015, Al-Zawahiri, the successor of Osama bin Laden and the current chief of al-Qaida announced that Hamza bin Laden is an official member of al-Qaida.
  • Since then, Hamza has released audio and video messages on the Internet calling on his followers to launch attacks against the United States and its Western allies. He has also threatened attacks against the United States to take revenge for his father’s killing by US.
  • In January 2017, the U.S listed Hamza bin Laden as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist, freezing all of his assets based in the United States or in the possession or control of US persons. It also prohibited US persons from engaging in transactions with him.
  • Analysts suspect that Hamza is seen as a fresh face with a younger voice, on whom Al Qaeda banks on to inspire the youth to join militancy. He is suspected to be successor of al-Zawahiri, the current chief of al-Qaida.


Highlights of the news

  • The UN Security Council’s 1267 ISIS and al-Qaida Sanctions Committee listed Hamza bin Laden as a global terrorist.
  • Just hours before UNSC’s move the US State Department’s Rewards for Justice Program announced a reward for information leading to his identification or location in any country.
  • A day later, Saudi Arabia also announced that it had revoked the citizenship of Hamza bin Laden via a royal decree in November 2018.
  • According to the UNSC, Hamza is seen as the “most probable successor” of the group’s current leader Aiman al-Zawahiri.
  • The UNSC sanction list subjected him to:
  • Travel ban
    • The travel ban prevents the entry into or transit by all states through their territories by designated individuals.
  • Assets freeze
    • It requires that all states freeze the funds and other financial assets or economic resources of designated individuals and entities.
  • An arms embargo
    • All states are required to prevent the acquiring of arms and ammunitionby designated individuals.
    • All member countries are required to block the channels that might directly or indirectly facilitate the sale of arms to designated individuals.
    • They are required to prevent the transfer of arms, ammunition, spare parts, and related items.
    • Non material support in the form of technical advice, assistance, logistic support, or training in relation to military activities to the designated terrorist is also prohibited.
    • Flag vessels or aircraft to the designated terrorists by the UN member countries are also prohibited.

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